Panopto: Video Content Management meets TYPO3

Panopto: Video Content Management meets TYPO3

Panopto Videos in TYPO3 of

Panopto is a widely used end-to-end video content management system for capturing, editing, distributing, searching, and managing video content more efficiently. Lectures can thus be more easily distributed virtually.

Here's what Panopto offers universities and colleges in detail:

  • On-demand service of educational materials in the form of video recordings of lectures.
  • Academics can flip the class (flipped classroom)
  • Educational institutions can live stream lectures from guest speakers and events
  • Instructors can provide feedback via video on student assignments and presentations
  • Students can create their own video content

In order to be able to easily integrate such videos into TYPO3, we have published an easy to integrate and freely available TYPO3 extension, which everyone can use from now on. Do you have any questions or suggestions on how to use Panopto? We will be happy to help you.

By the way: To prevent the unsolicited storage of cookies, TUM relies on our Cookie Management Suite. Part of this is the 2-click solution, which offers videos - including cookies and local storage entries - only after approval.