Why mobile-first is so important for Seeburger

Why mobile-first is so important for Seeburger

Seeburger recently relaunched its website with a new design by in2code.
The main focus for the screen design of the new website was clear right from the start: mobile first. This means that a design is first created in the mobile viewport and then adapted to the growing viewports (tablet/desktop), making it easier to use on a smartphone. It was particularly important to the customer to structure the new website clearly on all end devices. This ensures a self-explanatory user interface with a good user experience that looks appealing and, above all, professional.

The path to design

As desired, so implemented. After the first design proposal was ready and the rough direction for the new appearance was clear, it was optimized again and again in several successive feedback loops. In the end, this resulted in a clean appearance that was perfectly tailored to the requirements of the visitors. In terms of usability, many specially created custom icons from Seeburger were used for illustration purposes. These specially produced graphics can be used throughout the company in various media to clearly explain products, services and facts.
In order to provide visitors with navigation that is as target group-oriented as possible without compromising user-friendliness, a mega menu (navigation with many sub-items, often supplemented by individual content) was used in the desktop view. In the mobile context, this then changes to a slider menu that contains topic-specific sub-items. In contrast to the old site, the footer has been reduced to a necessary minimum in favor of clarity.


In the area of Search engine optimization, we advised Seeburger primarily on perfecting redirect management, the general site structure and international SEO. Such advice is generally particularly valuable when restructuring websites. In addition, SEO monitoring for the website takes place on an ongoing basis so that any necessary adjustments can be made immediately. Since the relaunch, we have held regular SEO meetings with the Seeburger team. So that visibility continues to increase in the future.

Better UX for editors too

The user experience should not only be improved in the frontend - i.e. on the page itself - but also in the backend, so that editors find their daily work with TYPO3 as easy as possible. For this reason, all irrelevant fields are hidden in the TYPO3 administration interface, explanatory icons have been used in useful places and, last but not least, there is further information on inheritance logic (where the displayed information comes from).



Seeburger has three servers in use. Two of these are located in Germany (for www.seeburger.com) and one in China (for www.seeburger.cn) to ensure optimum performance for Chinese visitors. Despite this setup, there is only one TYPO3 for all instances.
Deployment (distribution of code for new features or bug fixes) is fully automated using the common software Gitlab CI. The code quality is constantly checked using various tools. The software is then automatically assembled and only relevant parts are deployed to the target system. And all this without any website downtime.


The core of the project

The heart and pride of our developers in this project is undoubtedly the Resource Center. This is a system based on structured data for maintaining all content such as press releases, brochures, case studies, certificates, connectors and much more.
The marketing automation tool Marketo is also part of the Resource Center. The Marketo forms before resources turn them into effective lead magnets. This means that visitors can only access previously defined files - such as white papers - after completing a registration form. A separate content element allows the integration of various Marketo forms. Registrations for events also run via Marketo. Last but not least, the Resource Center has a connection as a separate filter facet to SOLR (its own central search engine).


Future outlook

We are proud to be able to continue to support Seeburger AG as part of a support contract. We look forward to developing even more new features and realizing exciting projects together in the future.

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