"Navigator": Context-sensitive information platform at TUM

"Navigator": Context-sensitive information platform at TUM

The "Navigator" is a further development of the interaction between users and the TUM website. By integrating an intuitive interface based on if/then logic, this system offers tailored user guidance. Users are navigated through targeted questions that show differentiated paths depending on their answers. This process enables precise and contextual provision of information that directly relates to the individual needs and requirements of website visitors. By simply creating if/then questions, the system directs website visitors to the information and resources they need. This context-sensitive function is used in various areas:

  • With the fee finder: Prospective students receive specific information about applicable fees based on their information.
  • During the application process: Prospective students use a series of questions to determine which documents are required for their application.
  • When searching for contacts: Users find the right contact person based on their course of study and degree type.

Advantages for university administration:

The tool enables editors to manage content independently and efficiently. The “Navigator” helps standardize inquiries and ensure information quality.

The “Navigator” once again contributes to improving the digital user experience at TUM. It stands for intuitive and needs-based information finding and processing.

Would you like to find out more? Contact us for a live demonstration of the “Navigator” and its implementation in your information management.