in2code around the World - France 2021

in2code around the World - France 2021

Flo, you got the whole thing rolling. How did the trip come about?

Flo: "Since April this year, we have been privileged to support the website of the quality leader among surf tour operators -!

They are passionate and dedicated to providing the highest level of advice, service, quality, safety and reliability. With a variety of locations worldwide, they want to share the love of surfing and the feeling of riding the waves. 

When Tan - our contact person from the camp - offered me to come to France at one of our jour fixes (weekly appointments), it was immediately clear: in2code is of course in!"

Felix, how did you find out about the trip? Did you know right away that you wanted to come along?

Felix: "Flo asked in one of our team channels if anyone would be interested in a surf holiday together at PureSurfCamps.

I had already been to some cool company events at in2code. So I thought the chance to go on holiday together with my colleagues was pretty great. Especially the combination of sports and holidays, paired with relaxed evenings and wonderful sunsets were just way too tempting."

In any case, it's a great opportunity! Anna, how did you react when the offer came up?

Anna: “So I read the message and couldn't quite believe it at first. I just hoped that it would really work out. I also follow a few surfing enthusiasts on social media, so I've always been very impressed with the sport. I didn't want to miss out on this!"

There was, of course, a fourth in the bunch. Julian, how was the trip to France?

Julian: "On Saturday, we flew from Munich to Amsterdam for the stopover and then arrived in Bordeaux in the afternoon, where dinner and a glass of wine were not to be missed. We then took the shuttle to the coast, to beautiful Moliets-et-Maa, where our camp was also located! There we were immediately assigned our mobile home".

But now to the essentials: How was the surfing? You must have had surf lessons, right?

Felix: “Sunday morning the courses started. It was very exciting, as none of us had ever stood on a board before. At the beginning, the correct position is practised on dry land, but then it's relatively quickly into the water. Paying a lot of attention to balance, the right direction to look forward and the courage to face the waves are essential factors to progress. Long beach walks, heavy boards and lots of salt water are exhausting at first. But day by day it gets easier and suddenly you catch a perfect wave, stand on the board and the desire for that feeling increases. Success!"

That must not have been easy. You must have had theory lessons too, didn't you Flo?

Flo: “Yes, as is well known, theory also belongs to practice. This is important if you want to practice for yourself without an instructor. In the surf courses, we learned a lot about currents, the formation of waves, types of waves and boards and more. There are definitely a lot of points behind surfing that need to be taken into account. On Thursday, there was also a video analysis in which we saw ourselves surfing. Most of the time there was loud laughter, as you can probably imagine."

Sounds fun, yes! And what did you do when you weren't on the water?

Anna: “There were super many ways to keep busy. The first few days we were rather tired and spent most of our time chilling in the hammock or on the beach. At some point, however, we got fed up and spontaneously went on an excursion to beautiful San Sebastián and enjoyed the sunset with a cold beer and breathtaking view from above. It was really great! We were also quite taken with the promenade. In the evenings, there was always something going on and we were able to meet lots of new people. By the way, I thought the Wine & Cheese tasting was super cool."

That must have been an important and great experience for you, right?

Julian: “Yes, definitely! It also strengthens the bond between the team members! You don't normally experience each other like this. It also brings out completely new sides of each other. We won't forget the trip and coming here again is definitely worth considering!"

We thank Pure Surfcamps for this unique opportunity and are now even more looking forward to taking the website forward and to a great collaboration!