TYPO3 Verified Extensions - Professionalization of TYPO3 Extensions

TYPO3 Verified Extensions - Professionalization of TYPO3 Extensions

Why the Verified Extension program is so important

Future proof:

Using third-party code in your TYPO3 instance always brings with it a certain risk. Especially older extensions, which are no longer developed and maintained, create a lot of legacy code and make version upgrades significantly more complex.

This is where the TYPO3 Verified Extensions program offers a significant advantage.
It offers a selection of verified and tested TYPO3 extensions and ensures future security.

Thus, verified extensions are regularly maintained for 1.5 years and receive important bug fixes for another 1.5 years.

In addition, all extensions commit to early development for new TYPO3 versions. Extensions like Mask, News or LUX will already be available for TYPO3 12 for sure.


With a central contact point for feature ideas and bug reports, responsible developers can be reached more transparently and easily in the future. In addition, similar to the TYPO3 ELTS program, it is possible to book extended support.

What is LUX?

LUX is a TYPO3 extension for identifying website visitors. It allows to manage lead generation and lead development directly from TYPO3 backend. Thus, it helps your marketing team to analyze and identify visitors and develop leads with just a few clicks in the TYPO3 backend.

You would like to learn more about LUX?
Feel free to check out our LUX Productpage and the Verified Extensions.