WiredMinds integration in LUX - a status report

WiredMinds integration in LUX - a status report

Visitors are automatically listed in the backend

Integration overview

The partnership between LUX and WiredMinds has resulted in a seamless integration of IP2Company, a powerful feature that allows website visitors to be automatically recognized, segmented and categorized. By leveraging LeadLab technology, LUX has significantly improved its ability to generate and analyze high-quality leads.

Successes since integration

Since implementation, we have seen impressive success: Over 3,300 companies have been automatically recognized on our website, with a majority of visitors coming from the DACH area and - in our case - particularly from the university sector. These results underscore the precision and effectiveness of the WiredMinds solution.

Advantages of the WiredMinds solution

WiredMinds stands out for a number of advantages, such as GDPR compliance and the ability to provide deep insights into visitor behavior. For LUX users, this has meant improved targeting and more efficient lead generation. In principle, LUX could be used completely passively and would still generate hot leads.

Case studies and application scenarios

The integration has already and will continue to help numerous companies from different industries achieve their marketing goals. Using concrete case studies, we will show how the technology is used in practice and what benefits it offers.

Future outlook and further development

We are optimistic about the future and plan to further deepen the integration to provide even more value to our users. New features and adjustments are already being planned.

The integration of WiredMinds with LUX has proven to be a valuable addition to our marketing strategy. We invite you to take this journey with us and discover the advantages for your company.