How team events increase employee motivation

How team events increase employee motivation


The mixture makes the difference!

Variety between the years makes the events something special. Was last year's festival a little quieter? Then this time it can be a bit more action-packed! The surprise effect will be great!

Strengthen ties

This is underlined by good food, delicious drinks and great conversations. That's why summer parties, SNOW3s, TYPO3 events, Christmas parties and business trips are so important. People exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics and get to know new sides of each other. The bond is visibly strengthened and people talk about these special days for a long time.

Reflection increases motivation

Almost the most important part of a company event is the reflection on what has been achieved, overcome and completed. This way, the effort and the result from it can be kept in front of the eyes and new goals can be set. No matter if something has to be done better in the future or if you can simply be proud of yourself and the team. That is the purpose of the event: the employees go home with a different view of things and their motivation is replenished.

And of course we would like to share a few more cool impressions from our summer party last week: