LUX - cookieless Marketing Automation - E-mail address against download

LUX - cookieless Marketing Automation - E-mail address against download

Many websites already offer a large number of downloadable PDF or ZIP files for their visitors: e.g. interesting white papers, case studies, price lists, manuals or software downloads. This is the ideal place to ask the visitor for his e-mail address. In return, the visitor will receive the requested document conveniently by e-mail.

With the help of a dedicated CK Editor plugin in LUX, editors can convert any link into a LUX link - with just 2 clicks.

This is the "email4link" functionality in LUX.

When such a visitor clicks on the link on the website, a small pop-up opens and asks for his or her email address. If the link target is a download, it can also be sent directly by email.

With "email4link" you have the possibility to identify a large number of visitors to your website without much effort.

I hope that my little contribution has given you a first insight into our tool. Still not convinced? You can simply download LUX and test for yourself how many leads you can generate in the shortest time.

Any questions about marketing automation and TYPO3? Just send me a short message.