LUX - cookieless Marketing Automation - Use TYPO3 Dashboard

LUX - cookieless Marketing Automation - Use TYPO3 Dashboard

Although the standard widgets (as the individual units within a dashboard are called) do not contribute much that is new, custom widgets and entire dashboards can be added to the system by extensions.

Each editor has the possibility to position the diagrams and evaluations relevant to him or her in the way that suits him or her best.

When LUX is in the system, you automatically get a number of widgets with useful information to choose from. I'll show you the most interesting ones today.

Image 1 Display of the most visited pages in the system:

Image 2  Display of the most downloaded files:

Image 3 Is the extension news in use? Display the most read news:

Image 4 The most frequent search terms (automatically configured for Solr or the index search):

Image 5 How many of the visitors are new and which system do they use?

Image 6 What are the sources of website visitors?

By the way, LUX also comes with two dashboards of its own. These are not only useful in earlier versions of TYPO3, but also provide more information about your leads.

I hope that my little contribution has given you a first insight into our tool. Still not convinced? You can simply download LUX and test for yourself how your website performs.

Any questions about marketing automation and TYPO3? Just send me a short message.