Early Access Program 2023: Extension Support and Year-End Promotion

Early Access Program 2023: Extension Support and Year-End Promotion

By participating in the Early Access Program 2023 you support us financially as a sponsor. In return, you get early access to the latest versions of our extensions - even before the public release.

What extensions are available?

There are 16 extensions available for EAP 2023. Among them are Powermail, Femanger, Powermail Conditions and Powermail Recaptcha. An overview of all included extensions can be found on our Early Access Program page. You will be granted access via our GitHub repository.

What does the Early Access Program offer?

The EAP offers you comprehensive support of our extensions. This means that you can access the latest TYPO3 versions and features, get support for newer PHP versions and bug fixes are released ahead of time.

What financial contribution can you make?

The Early Access Program is of course voluntary. Nevertheless, we are happy about your support contribution. Currently, this is 100 € (minimum contribution) and is valid until the end of this year. That means, if you register until December 31st, 2022, you will secure exclusive access for the calendar year 2023. From January 1st, 2023, an amount of 289 € will be applied. Freelancers will be eligible for an amount of 148 €. Non-profit organizations will receive free access in the future and will not have to make a contribution.

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