Extension Support for TYPO3 Version 11

Extension Support for TYPO3 Version 11

You are welcome to speed up the releases of the extensions by supporting the work on the extensions financially. Pull requests are also welcome, but still mean work on our side, as we have QA and release expenses for it. 

Below you will find a list of TYPO3 extensions for which a release is planned for the TYPO3 version.

ExtensionDescriptionavailable in Early Access Programalready compatible with TYPO3 11publically available in TER

Publications can be presented in uniform formats (e.g. IEEE). XML and Bibtex files can be imported by editors.

osmOpen Streetmap Extensionsvgsvgsvg
powermailVersatile form generatorsvgsvgsvg
femanagerFrontend User Managementsvgsvgsvg
ipandlanguageredirectLanguage- or IP-based redirects to domains / pagessvgsvgsvg
powermail_condDynamic powermail formssvgsvgsvg
in2frontendauthenticationAuthentification of Frontend User via IP adresssvgsvgsvg
luxletterNewsletter Extension for TYPO3svgsvgsvg
instagramInstagram Feeds in TYPO3svgsvgsvg
invisiblerecaptchaGoogle invisible recaptcha extension for powermailsvg  
powermailrecaptchaGoogle recaptcha extension for powermailsvgsvg 
in2publish_corein2code develops the extension based on support agreements svgsvg
in2studyfinderStudyfinder for universitessvgsvgsvg
panoptoAdds a content element for the end-to-end video content management system panopto   
in2helpProvides a backend help module to display each page of the frontend in the backend. So you can use this module as an entry point for editor documentation.   

Early Access Program

Register for our Early Access Program 2022 now and get access to our extensions for TYPO3 version 11 before the public release.

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