Magic Link - the magic solution of Hanns Seidel Foundation

Magic Link - the magic solution of Hanns Seidel Foundation

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The idea

The HSS, and thus also the website, offers numerous events and publications in addition to its information function. Therefore, many customer registrations and registrations take place there daily. A core function is the login and registration process on the website, which should also be easily available for the broadly diversified target group.


With the Magic-Link-Workflow, a password is no longer required at login. Only the entry of the e-mail address is necessary to generate a personal, secure link. When calling up the link, the server automatically recognizes whether the visitor already has a customer account or whether it still needs to be created.

A practical feature is that this workflow can also be integrated into the processes of event registration and publication orders, and the data stored in the account is already pre-filled. In addition, user accounts and, above all, guest registrations are no longer duplicated, but are intelligently stored during initial registration.


A particular challenge was the integration of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system used into the entire process.
We redesigned the layout and the workflow and had to run as uncomplicated as possible. The robust and secure functionality of the registration process was also particularly important, as this is one of the most important elements of the website.  

We are pleased that with this project we were able to offer the customer a user-friendly and solid solution. 


At the beginning the presentation of the idea was presented to the customer. For this purpose we created mockups as well as a usability concept. The implementation in HTML prototypes followed afterwards. Also the necessary adjustments to the CRM interface could be clarified quickly and efficiently with a few phone calls to the CRM service provider.
Throughout the entire planning and development process, the cooperation was very cooperative and it was important to us to regularly involve the customer in the planning and review meetings from the very beginning. To ensure maximum security, our security team checked the designed solution and incorporated feedback on it.


In the coming weeks, user behavior will be monitored extensively and, if necessary, further optimizations will be planned and implemented. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from the customer on how the new Magic Link Workflow is accepted by the end user and, of course, to the next few years of working with exciting projects!