Münchener Verein councellor - Better informed. More knowledge.

Münchener Verein councellor - Better informed. More knowledge.

SEO Optimization - an important factor

There is another challenge to be mastered

A website in the service sector usually has one weakness and that is relevant and value-added content. Presenting your own product portfolio is important to give potential new customers an overview when making a purchase decision. But how do prospective customers find their way to your website? This is where content marketing and search engine optimization come into play.

Content marketing is used to publish topic-relevant content on your own website in order to address the target group, inform them and advise them on their concerns. At the same time, the competence in specific areas can be made clear. Search engine optimization in turn ensures that this content is actually found by the target group with suitable search queries.

The solution in the case of the Münchener Verein

In keeping with the values of the Münchener Verein, the customer should be the focus of attention and receive comprehensive advice. From this a councellor idea developed: a kind of Blog, in which current topics are presented and all around with actual use and value are informed. The articles are published by different authors, each of whom is an expert in his or her subject area and who, independent of special products or providers, are supposed to inform with infographics, comparison tables or pure texts. Regular publications create a new source of content for interested parties and potential new customers.

The technical implementation

In the technical implementation we paid special attention to the different requirements of an article. Editorial freedom should not be restricted by technology and so in this case we rely on a mixture of structured data and free page design. Always consistent information such as title, teaser, author, categories and reading time are recorded in a structured way and at the same time serve the second main requirement of the guidebook, search engine optimization. With JSON LD these data are prepared optimized as Rich Snippets for Google.

The design for the remaining part of the article is completely free and includes all page content elements such as text, images, videos as well as background colors for design and comparison tables etc. In addition, special conversion elements such as a callback service element for questions or a rate calculator based on year of birth were implemented.

We are curious to see how things will continue and are looking forward to continuous optimization, further growth and joint successes.