New TYPO3 version for the TUM website

New TYPO3 version for the TUM website

In the course of regular software updates, the TYPO3 version of the website was updated from 8 to 10. This happened completely without any unplanned downtime for the editorial team or visitors.

Despite a quick and uncomplicated update, our university team has removed many legacy issues and technical debts in this context. This also allows simple and budget-friendly updates in the future.

Our freely available TYPO3 extension for displaying study programs (in2studyfinder) in combination with the TUM statutes database has also been updated and modernized.

By the way: The different TUM websites consist not only of one TYPO3 instance for the central website, but also of a large number of different instances on different servers. Divided into different departments and sub-areas, this encapsulation ensures maximum security and performance.