Partnership between in2code and WiredMinds: together for even better marketing automation

Partnership between in2code and WiredMinds: together for even better marketing automation

"We are very excited about working with WiredMinds," says Alexander Kellner, Managing Director of in2code. "The combination of their advanced technology and our LUX tool will enable our customers to take their marketing strategies to a new level. We have finally found a data protection-friendly partner with whose interface we can expand LUX."

WiredMinds GmbH is a leading company in the field of innovative marketing and sales solutions. Their product IP2Company enriches IP addresses of companies with a lot of company data such as full postal company addresses and contact data. Andrei Lisikov, Managing Director of WiredMinds, explains: "Our technology enables our customers to receive valuable information about their website visitors and to optimize their marketing strategies in a targeted manner. Through the partnership with in2code we can now integrate our IP2Company interface into their marketing automation product LUX and making it available to TYPO3 users."

LUX is a marketing automation solution for TYPO3 that supports companies in intelligent analysis of website visitors, lead generation and lead development. This allows website analyses, lead management and marketing automation applications to be implemented in the TYPO3 backend. Thanks to the integration of the IP2Company interface, LUX will provide even more precise and comprehensive information about B2B visitors.

The partnership between in2code and WiredMinds offers numerous advantages for companies:

"Our customers will benefit from the extended functionality and the precise data," emphasizes Alexander Kellner. "By integrating the IP2Company interface into LUX, we can provide you with even more precise information about your website visitors. This enables you to address and personalize your marketing activities in an even more targeted manner."

With the new version of LUX, customers can already benefit from the partnership. Data protection compliance is the focus and has been checked by data protection officers.

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WiredMinds GmbH
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