TUM - excellent university with excellent website

TUM - excellent university with excellent website

As early as 2012, TUM was one of the first universities in the German-speaking world to have a responsive Internet presence. This means that the design and technical features of the website can be ideally adapted to the visitor's end device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Now TUM is once again taking on a pioneering role. In addition to a stronger internationalisation, the structure and content of the website focuses more intensively on the actual target groups. Young visitors in particular are consciously addressed. 

On the new start page, there are a number of new elements that are intended to emotionally enhance and visually emphasize the handling of the website. 

The changes in detail

A variety of events, news or project successes get their own place on the start page. It doesn't matter if it is text, pictures or videos - the focus is only on the content. Large clickable areas make you want to get more information in a playful way. This improved user experience helps to find the right topic for every visitor. Direct feedback with the help of information or animations makes the modules look interesting and lively. 

Study courses in the studyfinder

In order to facilitate the study search for prospective students, the TYPO3 studyfinder was already integrated on the start page as a possible entry point. With more than 150 study courses and 70 start-ups every year, a prominent and structured search is indispensable. 

Social media moves into focus 

Facebook, Instagram and above all YouTube are indispensable in today's world. TUM is now using these channels more and more to increase its level of awareness. For example, the university's YouTube channel already has over 9,000 subscribers. And every day there are more. 

TUM and research

The TUM is known for its extensive research in a variety of areas. It is not without reason that it has twice defended the title of Excellence University in the field of Institutional Strategy. On the homepage there is an accordion module that underlines the importance of this topic. By choosing from six different subject areas, everyone can find the most suitable and interesting research area for them.  

Quick access to the most important pages 

The problem of many colleges and universities is that they have a heterogeneous target group. Besides potential students and research partners, new employees are also being sought. A quick access on the homepage to important pages avoids long searches on the website. 

The efficiency and performance with which the best possible results were achieved within the shortest possible time is particularly noteworthy in this joint project. And this was not least due to the cooperation between our university team, other service providers and the project management at the university. We are looking forward to further interesting tasks together.