From website to ID card printer - individually tailored process digitalization for Rechtsanwaltskammer München

From website to ID card printer - individually tailored process digitalization for Rechtsanwaltskammer München

RAK München's restricted member area

RAK München's member area is available to all admitted members of the association. They can register there independently with their membership number and date of birth, and log in from the first registration onwards by e-mail address and chosen password. From a technical point of view, the various offers of the portal are divided into individual TYPO3 extensions to ensure modularity and scalability for the future.

The specialist lawyers' portal

According to §15 of the Regulations for Specialized Attorneys, specialist lawyers are obliged to attend at least 15 hours of further training per year, of which up to 5 hours can be completed via self-study.

The specialist lawyers' portal facilitates the process of verification for lawyers who are obliged to provide documentation: In the area specifically reserved for specialist lawyers, they can maintain their continuing education record by providing proof of their education hours via document upload. This saves time and effort, and at the simultaneously avoids superfluous paperwork.

Digital ID card order

Another key feature of the members' area is the automated ID card ordering. With this, we have provided an end-to-end solution to fully digitalize the process of ordering a lawyer's identity card. This type of lawyer's card identifies the holder as a European lawyer in court and before the authorities. It also facilitates access to judicial buildings such as courts and prisons.

Simple Application

Thanks to the new digital order process, members can apply for their ID card independently and without complications: As a logged-in user, I can upload my personal data, a suitable passport photo and choose one of nine pick-up locations via the order form. The last step is paying the processing fees online. PayPal, instant bank transfer and credit card payment are available as payment methods, as well as an individual voucher system, which can also be managed directly in the TYPO3 backend.

The background process

As soon as the ID card has been commissioned, the order appears in the TYPO3 backend with the status "received and under review". At this point, all currently open orders can be viewed and downloaded collectively by an administrator in order to transfer them as a CSV table to the ID printer. After the download, the status automatically changes to "Badge production in progress". After printing, the ID cards are distributed to the pick-up locations specified by the lawyers and the status changes to "Ready for pick-up".

The lawyers can also view and track the current status of their order in the frontend within the member area. 


By automating the ordering and manufacturing process, costs were reduced by over 40%. In addition, better quality and higher security of the ID cards were made possible in the course of the changeover. Detailed information on the advantages of the new lawyer ID card can be found here (German article).


Due to its modularity and scalability, RAK München's member portal offers a wonderful basis for the expansion of further features and services for lawyers. Thus, there are no limits to the optimization and standardization of workflows in this respect.

We are proud to serve the Munich Bar Association as a client and look forward to working together to turn even more exciting and progressive projects into reality in the future.