Server failure: Minimal downtime thanks to Docker

Server failure: Minimal downtime thanks to Docker

What is Docker

Put simply, think of Docker as a small virtual computer. This computer can run various applications in independent parts, the so-called Docker containers. The containers share the space and resources of the computer, but are completely independent from each other and - most importantly - contain all the necessary information and configurations for themselves.

By creating this complete package, it is therefore possible that the Docker Containers can be stored/versioned somewhere and, in case of failures or - not so critical - in case of hardware relocation, simply taken and placed in another location. This even works within minutes.

Docker at the University of Karlsruhe

As a pilot project, we have been using Ansible and Puppet to provision the server configurations for quite some time - what is new is that this configuration now runs completely platform-independent within independent docker containers. This approach helped us for the first time when the hardware of the Solr server failed due to a defect and the website search was completely offline. Within a short time the Solr-Container could be brought to run on a different existing hardware without having to wait long for spare parts or new servers, which can take a long time especially now in Corona times.

What can Docker do

With the help of Docker, hardware-independent, scalable and sustainable provisioned solutions can be created for enterprise customers. This not only ensures daily operation and easier maintainability, but in case of defects, the web application can be reinstalled on different hardware with little effort.

Especially when your business goals or turnover are at risk, it is important to work in a technically clean and sustainable way to minimize risks and keep the resulting damage as small as possible.

You would like to learn more about projects with Docker or need help with your server infrastructure? We are happy to help you.