Marketing Automation Tip 1: Lead Notification Workflow

Marketing Automation Tip 1: Lead Notification Workflow

With the help of the workflows within the Marketing Automation Tool for TYPO3 LUX and LUXenterprise, you can be notified immediately via email or chat tool (such as Slack) as soon as a lead has been identified on your own website. In principle, identification always takes place when a visitor identifies himself. This can be done by filling out contact forms, requesting documents for download or clicking on newsletters.

Notifications in Slack

For example, a message in Slack can look like this when a lead has been identified on a product page.

In just 3 steps, sophisticated or very simple workflows can be defined by editors. In this example we want to receive a notification in the Slack team chat as soon as someone has been identified on the website. It can look like this or something like this:

Notification via E-Mail

Alternatively, you can be notified via other channels. In the following example you will be informed by email as soon as a lead has been identified.

Collected email notification

For example, would you like to inform your sales team about the hottest leads on Monday morning? Such an e-mail can be set up without much effort using a scheduler task.

Workflows are part of the chargeable LUXenterprise version. All information about this can be found on the product page. The technical documentation of the workflows can be found on Github.