Marketing Automation Tip 3: Combine newsletter registration with downloads

Marketing Automation Tip 3: Combine newsletter registration with downloads

Surely you no longer offer your valuable whitepaper for download, but ask for the visitor's e-mail address beforehand. This can be easily done with a marketing automation tool. The document is then conveniently sent by e-mail and you receive important information about your visitors or even convert them into a lead. As you are used to from countless forms on the Internet, there is also the mandatory data protection checkbox here, which must be checked before submitting.

At the same time, you should also ask to register for the company newsletter, as this is the ideal time for this. When the visitor is ready to swap their email in exchange for a helpful white paper, the step to receiving additional documents is not far away.

The HTML templates in LUX can be extended with any additional fields - here with a checkbox with the name "newsletter" and the value "1":

With the following workflow, a legally correct double opt-in email can be sent as soon as the lead wants to receive a newsletter. If this e-mail is confirmed by clicking on the inserted link, the lead receives a "2" for the property "newsletter" - this indicates that we are ready to receive newsletters.

Another workflow now triggers the actual newsletter registration. As in this example, this can be done by creating frontend user data records, but it could also mean calling up an interface to any email marketing system.

No email marketing tool yet? How about LUXletter? Integrated directly into TYPO3, this is the ideal addition to LUX.

Incidentally, the Email4link popup (see first screenshot above) can also be extended with additional fields such as name, company or telephone number. Please keep in mind, however, that each additional field of a form raises the hurdle for submitting a little more.

And: If the existing 11 workflow actions in LUXenterprise are not yet sufficient, the list can easily be expanded with your own actions.

Workflows are part of LUXenterprise and not included in the community version of LUX.